List of recommended resources on the topic of overdose prevention and Naloxone.

For more information we recommend the following resources:

  1. Bird, S.M.; McAuley, A.; Perry, S.; Hunter, C. (2016): Effectiveness of Scotland’s Na- tional Naloxone Programme for reducing opioid-related deaths: a before (2006–10) versus after (2011–13) comparison. In: Addiction 2016 (111):883– 91.
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  5. EMCDDA (2010): Annual report on the state of the drugs problem in Europe
  6. EMCDDA (2016a): Preventing opioid overdose deaths with take-home naloxone. New EMCDDA insights into naloxone, the overdose antidote that can help save lives.
  7. EMCDDA (2016b): Preventing overdose deaths in Europe. Perspectives on drugs. EMCDDA (2012): Prisons and drugs in Europe: the problem and responses. (
  8. Morgan, G.; Smith J. (2017): Harm Reduction Database Wales: Take home naloxone 2016-17
  9. Health Service Executive (2016): Evaluation of the HSE Naloxone Demonstration Pro- ject
  10. Horsburgh, K.; McAuley, A. (2017): Scotland’s national naloxone program: The prison experience. In: Drug Alcohol Rev 2017
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  13. Information Services Division Scotland (2016b): National Naloxone Programme Scotland Monitoring Report. Online:¬ics/ Drugs-and-Alcohol-Misuse/Publications/2016-10-25/2016-10-25-Nalox¬one-Report. pdf
  14. National Records of Scotland (2017): Drug-Related Deaths in Scotland in 2016. Online:¬tics-by- theme/vital-events/deaths/drug-related-deaths-in-scotland
  15. Petterson, A.G.; Madah-Amiri, D. (2017): Overdose prevention training with naloxone distribution in a prison in Oslo, Norway: a preliminary study
  16. Pflanz-Sinclair, Chr. et al. (2013): General Practitioner Engagement with the Scottish National Naloxone Programme: A needs assessment project.
  17. Release (2017): Take-home naloxone in England
  18. Ronconi et al. (2016): A research on the Italian naloxone distribution model
  19. Scottish Drugs Forum (2012): Naloxone Peer Educator Initiative. Scottish Drugs Forum, Glasgow: 2012. Online: peer-educator-initiative
  20. Scottish Drugs Forum (2017): UK’s first ever Naloxone Peer Training and Supply group celebrates launch. Online:¬one_training_supply/
  21. Scottish Government (2015): Prison statistics and population projections Scotland: 2013–14. Scottish Government. Edinburgh. Online: scot/Resource/0049/00491398.pdf
  22. Scottish Prison Service (2014): Addiction Prevalence Testing for Performance Measurement Purposes 2014–15. Scottish Prison Service. Online: http:// drugs/SPS-Addiction-Prevalence-Test¬ing-Stats-Final- 2014-15.pdf
  23. Wakeman, S.E. et al. (2009): Preventing Death Among the Recently Incarcerated: An Argument for Naloxone Prescription Before Release. Journal of addictive diseases 28.2: 124–129. PMC.Web. 12 Jan. 2017.
  24. WHO (2014): Community management of opioid overdose
Published: 2021
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