Outreach work

Outreach work, drop-in centre work, other drugs and alcohol street work

Street Support - Local Pilot Intervention Spain

With their local intervention plan, Fundació Salut i Comunitat implemented the first Housing First program in the municipality of Castelló de la Plana. Through this intervention, the Street Support Partner not only was able to support and to contribute to the overall well-being of people experiencing homelessness and/or use drugs or alcohol in public space. As a consequence of this project, the public nuisance was tackled, and the organization could raise awareness of the need to promote social and housing policies for people experiencing residential exclusion.

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Street Support - Good Practice Collection

Street Support’s Good Practice Collection makes a substantial contribution to improve current service provision for people experiencing homelessness who use drugs and/or alcohol in public spaces. The good practice examples aim at inspiring professionals and policy makers by offering concrete examples which promote social inclusion.

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Street Support - Tool Box

This document provides tools and guidance to develop and implement participatory and inclusive interventions, addressing people consuming alcohol and/or drugs in public space. These interventions aim to improve the overall health and social situation of the target group, provide adult learning and work integration opportunities and contribute at the same time to the social inclusion of marginalised groups and the reduction of alcohol and drug related nuisance in the public space.

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