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InWork Tool Box

he toolbox provides social service providers, potential social entrepreneurs and local municipalities with an overview of opportunities and instruments how to develop meaningful and sustainable work programmes for marginalized and vulnerable groups.

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Frequent experience of discrimination among people who inject drugs: Links with health and wellbeing

Previous research has shown that people who inject drugs (PWID) experience discrimination on a regular basis. This study explores the relationships between discrimination against PWID and health and wellbeing.

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Novel health systems service design checklist to improve healthcare access for marginalised, underserved communities in Europe

Marginalised communities such as homeless people, people who use drugs (PWUD), lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI), prisoners, sex workers and undocumented migrants are at high risk of poor health and yet face substantial barriers in accessing health and support services. The Nobody Left Outside (NLO) Service Design Checklist aims to promote a collaborative, evidence-based approach to service design and monitoring based on equity, non-discrimination and community engagement.

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